Trail Races by XTRAIL

We have announced the 2018 Spring/Summer race calendar, watch the video to see what to expect:

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Ultra Trail Wulong

  • Name: XTRAIL Ultra Trail Wulong (Chinese: 武隆越野赛)
  • Race dates: 21st-22nd, April 2018
    Registration open: 17th November 2017 – 30th, March 2018
  • Location: Fairy Town, Wulong County, Chongqing
  • Edition of the race: 3rd year
  • Category: 100KM, 50KM, 25KM

Ultra Trail Kanas

  • Name: XTRAIL ULTRA TRAIL KANAS (Chinese: XTRAIL 喀纳斯超级越野赛)
  • Race dates: 10th-14th, June 2018
    Registration open: 24th Nov 2017 – 7th, May 2018
    Location: Kanas Scenic Area, Altay Region, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous region
  • Edition of the race: 2nd year
  • Category: 330KM(dual-athlete), 168KM, 100KM, 50KM