Meet the Race Director

Xtrail, founded in 2014 and based in Beijing, China, was created to provide an inclusive and dynamic community for outdoor racing enthusiasts in China and abroad. Evan Wei, Race Director of this race was one of the founding partners of Xtrail.

Evan Wei, has been the course director and the chief director for more than 60 major national and international events and had the recognition of various parties. As a course director, chief referee and event organizer, Wei took charge of Wulong Mountain Quest for 11years as well as numerous outdoor events. As an athlete himself, he represented China in well-known international races, for instance, the Buff Sky runner Series(Japan) in 2006, the Adventure Race World Series(Brazil) in 2013 and the Adventure Racing World Championships in Australia in 2016.

Wei was the race director in Chinese Mountaineering Association since 2004. CMA is affiliated to the National Sports Administration, in charge of the national mountaineering, climbing and outdoor sports in China, bringing up a lot of specialized technical person in the field of mountaineering and outdoor sports in China. CMA provided him with a platform to practice, learn and to show his ability.


Click below to watch an interview with Wei and his entry into the ARWS (note this was taken in mid-2016 before the first race had taken place).