2018 Altay Expedition Team Intro – Part 1

New Adventurers to the XTRAIL China race

USWE Adventure Team

The team for the XTRAIL race consists of two Swedes from USWE Adventure Team (Jacob and Helen Westerberg) and two South Africans from Cyanosis Adventure Racing Team (Clinton Macintosh and Nicholas Mulder). The teams did some head to head racing in a couple of ARWS races in 2017 and we are excited to race together in China. All 4 team members have great experience from racing international races and all have been on the podium in ARWS races in the past.

Greener Adventure Team

Team picture is from our kick-off into to the season 2018. Photographer: Johan Linhart. 
The team members are Jonas Andersson, Mårten Svensson, Cecilia Jessen and Simon Niemi. A Swedish adventure racing team that was built late 2016 with experienced members who have been racing all around the world the past years (NZ, Australia, USA, Africa, India, Brazil, Spain, China). Their first race together was Expedition Africa in may 2017, a race they won.

NATUREX (ExpeNature) – “Adventure Race is Magic”

Our team has been built over the years based on meetings, affinities and the common passion of outdoor sports. Team spirit transcends us and brings us energy and pugnacity to face all circumstances.
The Caption Romy Viale is a pro adventure racer with 18 years’ passion into the sport. Over the years he has perfected himself by obtaining state diplomas to supervise all the activities that we might have in Adventure Races. Today, he pays more attention on raising awareness of the environment by discovering where “wilderness” keeps its meaning through sports activities.
Sandrine enjoys the mountainous terrain! She’s a steel-minded competitor who drives the team in her wake.
Sebastien is a great navigator and a mental drive for the Team! He energizes and creates cohesion so that everyone does the maximum for the team. His specialties are trail and orientation qualities as well as enduring and extraordinary mental.
Sonia big engine in biking and trail, very fast.

Lozère Team2Raid

The Team have a great experience together, we live in the same place in the wonderful Lozère department in south of France, it’s a great place for Adventure sports.
Winner of Raid in France 2017 & Tierra viva 2016, the Team did a great race last year in World Championship in Wyoming and fought for the podium in the last hours of the race but where forced to retire near finish line.
Great Adventure racing experience (Nicolas Rambier & Benjamin monier) with more than 10 years of AR experience, Benjamin is one of the best Adventure Racing orienteerer, Fanny and Maxime are the driving force of the team, always with smile!
We are very exited to discover new horizons and a new culture, we are looking forward to it!

Intersport – DNS74 – Rare Adventure Intense Discovery

Team Intersport’s adventure racing history dates back to Raid Gauloises in 1990s. Since then, the Intersport team has competed in 10 Raid Gauloises (6 podiums), 4 world championships and several douzaines of national races.
The four current members who will be racing in 2018 Altay Expedition are:
Christophe and Vincent: ‘dinosaurs of the team’ – as they have been raced with Intersport team since early 2000’s;
Marine and Damien – new to the team but experienced in the sport, they are going to add freshness to Team Intersport.
Regularly placed in all multi-sport competitions, the team is known for its experience, skill in pace management and for its positive mindset specially to face the unpredictable !
Exotic trip, new people and territory, different culture, different nature but still the same sky and the same passion : we are super enthusiasts and excited to come to Altay territory for this promising event.
All team members expect this time again to stick to their R.A.I.D. personal definition : Rare Adventure Intense Discovery.


Team HDR Inc is made up of one experienced expedition racer from the Australian Team”BMX Bandits” (David Ellis) and 3 first-timers looking to add an expedition race to their portfolios. (Lukas Cann, Sara Barrett and Brad Harrison)
Our goal is pretty simple, we are just hoping to complete the race within the 6 days and have a stack of fun along the way lapping up the vast and beautiful surroundings and enjoying some remote untouched culture.

AR Poland