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One of the great aspects of this expedition is the self-supported nature of the race. You will need to meticulously plan all your equipment and sustenance then pack them into your trunks..

Crates (TA Boxes)

XTRAIL will provide FIVE plastic crates to each team which they must use. All crates are the same size (about 52cm x 37cm x 33cm). These crates will be moved to various transitions through the course. You need to pack your crate prior to the race start and submit it to the logistics manager.

Paddle Bags

Specifics to be released with information pack

Bike Boxes

Each person must provide a bike box to be no larger than 140cm X 80cm X 30cm (standard ARWS size).

Please Note: Although this is generally an international bike box size for flying, some airlines within China will only accept a smaller box. If this is the case, it can be used within the race. Check with your airline before you leave.


The race organisation will provide the below plastic kayaks with skirts for the event. You can bring your own paddle or it can be provided.