Course Information

Altay Expedition is open to mixed teams of four.

There are 2 course, one 500km which is an officials AR World Series qualifier. Teams on this course are eligible for prize money. The second course is shorter at about 400km and suitable for teams who don’t want to commit to the full 500km course.

It will be a non-stop unsupported race with the disciplines of trekking, mountain biking, kayaking, rafting, rope skill and navigation. Winners are expected to take 3 days and everyone else has 6 days to get to the finish line. The course will pass through mountains and desert landforms. The exact course is kept secret until 24hrs before the start. 

The race is a part of the Adventure Racing World Series and uses the ARWS RULES and ARWS MANDATORY GEAR LIST

If you are new to Adventure Racing, the video below explains how it works.