Getting to and From Altay, China

Altay is a remote part of the world and just getting there can be an adventure. Make sure when you book your flights, you have long enough transfers to get through the airports. Airport lines can be long in China and especially when you are travelling with a bike. Burqin Kanas airport (code KJI) is the closest airport to the race start.

However, as far as we know, the Kanas Airport (Code: KJI) seemly will not open until 10 June this year (last year it started to operate in mid May), according to the local tourism administration. The airport might be open in prior of the schedule, but no one can guarantee a specific date. Thus, we need to prepare the solutions for all staff and participants to arrive the race HQ.

Which means, we need to opt an alternative airport, while Altay Airport (code: AAT) suits the best. The city lies 240KM southeast to the race HQ, and it’s accessible by inexpensive flights



  • CZ6841   Urumqi T3 — Altay   08:30 – 09:35
  • MU4736   Urumqi T3 — Altay  08:30 – 09:35
  • MU4617   Urumqi T3 — Altay  08:30 – 09:35


  • MU4742  Urumqi T3 – Altay 16:30 – 17:35
  • MF4417   Urumqi T3 – Altay 16:30 – 17:35
  • CZ6843   Urumqi T3 – Altay 16:30 – 17:35


  • CZ6845 Urumqi T3 – Altay 20:30 – 21:35
  • MF4419  Urumqi T3 – Altay 20:30 – 21:35
  • MU4455 Urumqi T3 – Altay 20:30 – 21:35
  • GS7557  Urumqi T3 – Altay 21:05 – 22:10

To get the best price, we recommend you to book China inland tickets through Chinese website such as and The reference price is between $78 and $114 for single journey in late May.

Shuttle Bus

To get to Kanas, we’ll arrange one shuttle bus each day to pick you up at two different locations in Altay City, the timetable is:

29 & 30 & 31 May

  • 10:30am Altay Airport  (for those who arrive in the morning)
  • 11:00am Altay Jindu Hotel (for those who arrive the prior day)

The travel hours on bus is 6 hours approximately. And the timetable may subject to change depanding how many people confirm the booking.

Booking shuttle bus here.

Please notice that, since we planned Kanas airport as the arrival port, the entry fee covers the shuttle buses from Kanas airport to race HQ, which is 1 hour’s ride. However, as Altay airport is way far from Kanas, we have to charge 100 CNY per person to cover the transport service fee.

Once you have booked the flight, please fill your flight info into the same form so that we can arrange the bus and accommodations.

Jindu Hotel is one of the best hotel in the Altay area and the negotiated price for a dual-bed room is 248 CNY per night (book through us). Here’s the info:

Altay Jindu Hotel 阿勒泰金都酒店 


Please fill this form to book shuttle bus and hotel. Any changes, let us know by email or phone call.

Bike transport

Urumqi procedures vary year to year, but in 2016 and 2017 no teams were able to check their luggage all the way through to Altay from their point of origin. All luggage was unloaded at Urumqi and needed to be rechecked in.

If you cannot book all the way to Kanas from your home, you can use the internal flight booking website

Bike Transfer from Urumqi

Although you need to get yourself to Altay (flying is preferable as it is a 10hr bus ride from Urumqi), airlines may not allow you to take your bikes on this short flight. As a precaution, XTRAIL have organised to collect your bikes as you transfer through Urumqi and will transfer them to Kanas via road and will do the same on the return. You are able to drop and collect your bikes on the following dates only

  • 29 & 30 MAY – drop off bikes on trucks at Urumqi airport
  • 7th JUNE – collect bikes for transfer home

XTRAIL will make instruction signs at the airport and send a map guide regarding bike dropping. Check the schedule for details.